We are Mission of Hope Liberia and since 1954 we have been serving the students and people of Central Liberia through our mission school, agriculture production and ministry. Our on-going goal is to give hope to those in need and change the lives of our students through quality, faith-based education so that they can break the chains of generational poverty and positively affect their families, their communities and their future.

There are nine villages in this rural countryside that make up our service area and the students that attend our missionary school come from one of the poorest communities in the world. Their parents barely even make a dollar a day. Through our quality, faith-based educational programs, our students get an opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives by learning fundamentals like reading, writing and arithmetic as well as character development and relevant vocational skills. The students gain valuable career skills which will help them improve their standard of living. Which is why the work we do is so vital and your support is so essential.

You can help the students of the Mission of Hope School by giving today. You can begin by sponsoring a student, a classroom and even volunteering to utilize your expertise in farm development and entrepreneurship.

There is no amount too small or too great. It is your support that matters. Click the link below to learn how you can give.