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The Mission is located in Bong County, Liberia, West Africa. It is about 18 miles from Gbarnga, the capitol of Bong County. Gbarnga is about 130 miles from Monrovia,  Liberia’s capitol. The ICF Mission of Hope (MOH) was formerly called Youth Mission of Life (YMOL) and it was founded by the late Virge Simpson, an African-American Missionary in 1952 from the Bronx, New York.

In addition to Mother Simpson, Elder Joy Campbell Flemister and others were also very instrumental in planting the mission in Liberia in 1954 with other missionaries. The missionaries worked very hard and educated many Liberians before they returned to United States in 1979. Rev. Eddie S. Gibson and others were left in charge and he was instrumental in providing critical leadership and obtaining resources for the Mission (church and boarding school). Attempting to seek resources for the  Mission, he came to the United States in the late eighties and could not return due to the Liberian Civil war.

While in Atlanta, he become a member of the International Christian Fellowship Ministries (ICF) Pastoral Staff where he served faithfully for over ten years when the Lord instructed him to turn the Mission over to ICF.  At the end of the year 2003, ICF became the owner of the Mission School Campus and 500 acres of land in Liberia, West Africa.  It was renamed ICF Mission of Hope.  This newly divine assignment to continue the legacy  of the former missionaries manifested  the  ICF Vision to walk  in obedience to the Great Commission given by our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ .(Matthew 28:18-20).

The Mission currently have over 300 children on the campus, a girls’ dormitory, church, school buildings, and others supporting facilities. The education programs of the school is K to 9th grade level.  At the present, the staff includes a principal, four staff members,   3 security guards and twelve teachers.

Notwithstanding, like many African countries, Liberia experienced a series of political unrests and brutal civil wars over the years, which resulted in the destabilization of the spiritual, political, social, and economic as well as other vital systems necessary for the survival of its people. As a direct result of the war, the physical structures of the campus/mission were badly damaged and the people are in desperate needs for religious and   educational instructions. Therefore, we are seeking the help of various religious organizations, businesses and individuals to partner with us so that we can make an impact for Christ in Liberia.

It takes so little to do great things for educating others to rise above ignorance, empowering them to meet the challenges, as well teaching them the things of God to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Mission has embarked upon establishing agricultural programs to assist in sustainability and future growth for the Mission. (e.g., oil palm, swamp rice, coffee, cassava and others produce).  Also, we are committed to teaching the children biblical concepts for daily living and learning.

If you have a desire to join us in service, please send an email to: revmoses98@gmail.com or call 404.643.6957 for more information.

Website: www.missionofhopeliberia.com

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